Hotel Equinócios
Tradition in Excellence.

For over 30 years working in the hotel business in the city of Barcarena, Hotel Equinócios is a part of the city's history with pioneering spirit and leadership, a reference in professionalism and quality accommodation.
The Hotel's founders, a couple of teachers, started the journey in 1985: in search of new challenges and intending to contribute to the development of the Industrial Pole of Barcarena, welcoming those who came to the city. The hotel officially opened its doors in 1988 after years of work, study, dedication, and commitment.
In 2016, Hotel Amazônia is added to the structure, and after a major transformation of the local market, the Essential seal was developed: now, the Hotel was even more capable and adapted to receive tourists, visitors, residents, and much more, with cost-effectiveness and comfort. Standard Hotel Equinócios.

A missão dos Hotéis Equinócios é servir com qualidade e respeito.

In our more than 3 decades of history, we have transformed and evolved the way we manage the Hotels: looking for a quality delivery, the traditional Family Management model gave way to Professional Management and the decentralization of the Hotel sectors.

Executive Essential


Through the Participative Management model, we built Equinox Hotels centered on valuing teamwork, promoting feelings of leadership and a sense of collective in our employees, instituting this behavior within the areas of the Hotels.


Always looking for optimization, we understand that quality is measured by standardized delivery. We look for high-quality service, with a unique experience. Therefore, our investments in information technology are constant to deliver efficiency, agility, and confidence.


A motivated team is a constantly growing team.
Offering personal and professional growth experiences to our employees is also part of our DNA. We promote constant training for the teams, always focusing on excellence in customer service.

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